mardi 17 juillet 2012
par  Webmaster

Thanks for the interest which you demonstrate us by sticking to our association to accept the magazine ICAMAR.

To link you, make you on the site, then in the menu of left on connection or member’ s login (you can change the language of menus above and to the right) For your first connection. Click then on forgotten password and enter your email.

You will accept then a mail which will give you your login and allow you to enter your password which will be crypted in the database.

Then you will be able to be connected.

Once linked, you will see appearing the rubric of the magazine n ° 1 in the menu

If you have some problems, contact the webmaster.

To use the functionalities of the site entirely, you can download the instructions of the site.

You can also leave your comments and questions after every article.

Good Reading

The webmaster



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