Authorization to Publish

mardi 17 juillet 2012
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Authorization to Publish
Article :

Name of the author of the article :

Authorizes, in agreement with the co-authors, the publication by the ICAMAR Association on its website of the article quoted above.

(Please, cross out the lines you disagree with) :

- In the private-access section for registered members
-  In the public-access section if accepted by the Science Committee

This article is :

- Copyrighted and its publication beyond the ICAMAR website depends on the author’s permission


- Free to be reproduced without changes as long as the author(s) is/are quoted.

The article may be — downloaded in the private-access section of the ICAMAR site.
The article may be — downloaded on the site in the public-access section of the ICAMAR site.

The ICAMAR Association requests that the authors clarify the copyright or the copyleft in the article itself. For instance, at the end of an article, you may write : “Text and Ideas : ©year, first name, last name, address. Thank you for directly contacting the author if you wish to copy this article.”

Neither ICAMAR Association nor the website guarantee any protection against any copies or usage made of the publications posted on this site.

The content of the articles is the sole responsibility of the authors. The author(s) clears the ICAMAR Association of any responsibility as pertains to the content of the articles posted or any use of it which may ensue.

I have read and agree with the above

Signature:________________ Enacted in (city)__________________On, date:____________


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