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mardi 17 juillet 2012
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The “Worldwide Auricular Acupuncture Organization” (WAAO)


A Brief History

Founded on Saturday, November 18, 2000 in Brno, Czech Republic, the Worldwide Auricular Acupuncture Organization (WAAO) is better known under its original French name, Association Acupuncture Auriculaire Sans Frontières, more informally referred to as Auriculo Sans Frontières.
This association’s goal is to, “encourage the promotion and development of auricular acupuncture (Auriculotherapy) on a worldwide especially in countries economically less proficient.” (Statutes ; Art. 2).

The statutes also state that, “Auriculotherapy is a medical technique classified under Contemporary Acupuncture and Reflexive Therapies demonstrable by current modern medicine. Auriculotherapy was discovered and developed by Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996) of Lyon.”

The founding of the Association was the result of a number of teaching and training trips taken by Dr. Yves Rouxeville to the Czech Republic (beginning in 1993), to Tunisia ( beginning in 1996)also special missions to Uzebekistan (for the French Embassy in Tashkent in 1996) and in Slovakia ( for the French Embassy in Bratislava in 1999).

WAAO is a member of FAFORMEC (The (French) Federation of Acupuncturists for their Continued Education) and also of ICMART (The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques).

Who are members ?

The association is made up of nine honorary members : Professors Y. Lajat, P. Magnin and P. Rabischong, Prof. K. Zeghal (Tunisia) as well as the presidents of the Medical Acupuncturists Association of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Also, the late Pr. J. Bossy and the late Dr. J. F. Bosarello.

Designed in a spirit of service, WAAO is uninterested in becoming large. Members are recruited by invitationas to sponsors. Total active members numbers twelve Frenchmen and twelve foreign members among which six Tunisians. At this point, the sole associated member is GLEM, represented by Chantal Vuillez.

What have we done thus far ?

Since the year 2000, our expert-physicians have held training sessions in Auriculotherapy in Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Tunisia and Morocco. Also in Bordeaux, Normandy, Clermont-Ferrand and Toulouse. For Auriculomedicine, in Tunisia and in the Czech Republic.

Since 2006 are courses in auricular therapy follow the teaching program model of the D.I.U. (inter-University diploma program set up in France). These courses are held in the acupuncture module at the University of Nantes and are largely inspired from the programs offered by GLEM.

Thanks to your support, colleagues have flown to Cambodia, Ecuador, India as well as to Madagascar to provide care among the needy, train local doctors and even provide equipment particular to our discipline. We have also supplied relevant books to a Doctor in Congo-Brazzaville.

Extensional grants by the regional Council of Brittany and the General Counsel of Morbihan allowed us to procure French equipmentfor delivery to physicians in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary before May 1, 2004, date at which their countries officially joined the European Community.

Since 2006, we share a common library with FMCRDAO in Nantes. The library is reserved for members of both Association and also students taking their D.I.U. – acupuncture module, University of Nantes. The books do not disappear as each loan out is covered by deposit.

What was our latest action ?

In 2010, the teaching of Auriculotherapy — the program for which was modeled on that of the D.I.Us and the acupuncture module at the University of Nantes – will begin. These training sessions will be held partly at the school of medicine of the University of Sfax (Tunisia), also at the University of Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Sarnath near Benares, India.

In both cases, local organizations will ensure hospitality for our experts. Though unable to defray our experts’ transportation costs in the field or provide a salary for them, WAAO will do its best to assume the travel expenses of our experts.

Mindful to safekeep our autonomy and decrying the influence of pharmaceutical companies in post medical school training, prefer earning our own money rather than calling on sponsors. That is why we have organized courses in Auriculotherapy in Lanester (Morbihan) four medical doctors. The profits derived from these training programs modeled on the D.I.Us and the acupuncture module at the University of Nantes, should support our experts’ trips to Tunisia and India.

What are our needs ?

First, we collect medical equipment – either new or preowned in good working condition – used for diagnosis and or care : pressure-palpators, Black & White detectors, Tourelle detecting lamps D3, Heine lamps, GIR 30s®, Diascopes®, Agiscops®, Lasers, etc. All this material will be priority-shipped to India or other emerging countries.

While on the one hand, rigorous training and access to usable equipment our priorities to ensure lasting quality of our work on the field, everyone knows that physicians worldwide are thirsty for knowledge. The university library in Sfax will welcome secondhand books in French, Italian, German or English. The resource center of the University of Sarnathwill appreciate filling its shelves with your books in English.

WAAO will do its best to meet initial needs in disposable goods such as ear acupuncture needles and ASP needles as well as brand-new reference books for Tunisia and India.

Yves Rouxeville, June 2010



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