mardi 17 juillet 2012
par  Webmaster


On this site, you will find a Google online translator allowing you to translate the entire public section of the site in your own language. These translations will quite useful, but also quite approximate.

Online translation does not work for the articles in the private section of the site. These are protected from access by a password barring the Google translator. However, you can cut and paste with the online translator.

We will do our best to translate your articles in a few languages. These will be translated by an online translator or by one of our bona fide translators.

The languages of IACAMA Review

The progress made in online translating, allows writers to express themselves in their own language. Whenever bona fide translators are available, they can volunteer to translate articles into French or English or their own particular language.

Only the scientific articles published in the public-access section will have to be posted with a mandatory English translation. Whenever possible, a French version will also be added.



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