Thoughts on the Teaching and Practice of Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Thoughts on the Teaching and Practice of Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine

1. The teaching of Auriculotherapy:

ICAMAR is aware that this discipline,whether in France or abroad, is essentially taught by associations or individuals. However, France is exceptional in one way: in this country, Auriculotherapy is also taught in medical school.

1.1. In Nantes, as an Auriculotherapy module comprising four credits of two days each, integrated as an option within the university’s acupuncture program. This initial training portion intends to cover all diagnostic possibilities including the VAS (pulse variation described by Paul Nogier) and a number of healthcare possibilities inherent to auricular points. This training is based upon the works of Paul Nogier and in the spirit of the research bequeathed to us by the late Prof. Jean Bossy. Prof. Bossy’s contribution was to have acupuncture recognized by the Order of Physicians in France. Indeed, he created and initiated acupuncture training in our Medical Schools. Originally, he did so through the D.I.U. program.

1.2. In Paris
, Auriculotherapy is taught as part of a Diplôme Universitaire in Paris XIII (Bobigny) and also at Paris XI. This training runs two days per month over two school years and is billed as a training in neurosciences applied to Auriculotherapy. These courses are totally separate from standard Acupuncture and do not offer any training in point-detection using the VAS in the Nogier style.

1.3. GLEM

, an association founded by Paul Nogier 50 years ago continues to offer classes in Auriculotherapy in Lyon and Paris. Historically speaking, ICAMA Review recognizes the essential role played by GLEM in the teaching of Auriculotherapy. GLEM training sessions cover three sessions of two days each. For the past few years, GLEM training is open to non-physicians. Moreover, since 1994, GLEM organizes international symposiums.

1.4. The program in Nantes
served as a model for partial or complete trainings.
• At the Université Victor Segalen 2 de Bordeaux,
• At WAAO for its teachers in France (physicians, midwives, veterinarians, dentists) and abroad (physicians).
• By the Tunisian association SOTUBIO (physicians).
• At the Medical School in Sfax (Tunisia)
• At the University of Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Sarnath, India. For healthcare professionals.

2. The practice of Auriculotherapy:

ICAMAR notes the paradoxical situation whereby each has the right to a scientific and therapeutic education while the practice of therapies is regulated. ICAMAR is aware that in most countries the practice of Auriculotherapy is generally sanctioned for professionals officially licensed for the practice of acupuncture.

3. The teaching and practice of Auriculomedicine:

This discipline comprises techniques based on expert analysis of pulse variations occurring following one stimulus or stimuli. These variations were termed RAC in French (VAS in English), sometimes also referred to as Nogier’s pulse. The VAS is the signal a clinical perception of the examined subject’s pulse. Under the influence of various stimuli, the pulse could be perceived as more or less strong, more or less tense, more or less quick, all of which may occur over a number of beats.

On the one hand, auricular medicine enables physician to take readings on the body, for instance, when detecting auricular points or cutaneous zones. On the other auricular medicine facilitates the taking of readings or measurements around the body, for instance, when detecting various types of fields. In this case, the bread of study and research of auricular medicine dovetails with “Biophysical Puilsology” developed for a number of years on

Auriculomedicine, a discipline which remains mostly within the scope of research, is taught by GLEM in Lyon (3 sessions of 2 days each). Historically speaking, the teaching of Auriculo- medicine in France as in the rest of the world is done legitimately by Paul Nogier’s direct students and each teaches according to his own sensitivity.

4. Reflexive Physiotherapy

The discoveries and teachings of Paul Nogier lead to the use of medical instruments interfacing with the realm of Physiotherapy, for instance, laser, electrical, magnetic and chromotherapeutic stimulations. Such instruments are generally used in Auriculotherapy and on somatic reflex zones. Their sensitivity may be enhanced by using them in conjunction with the VAS. Numerous medical auxiliaries may thus legally practice Auriculotherapy and/or Auriculomedicine without inserting needles.

5. Conclusion

ICAMAR recognizes that Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine originated in Lyon and have since been broadcast around the world. ICAMAR is not called to substitute itself to current trainings in Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine.

Legitimately, ICAMAR stands by the students of Paul Nogier and calls for a quality dissemination of both medical disciplines.

Yves Rouxeville, Yunsan Meas



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