ICAMAR Organization

Monday 12 July 2010

ICAMAR Organization


• President: Pascal Vidal

• Vice-presidents: Marc LeBel and Jean Norguet

• Secretary: Yves Rouxeville

• Assistant-secretary: Alain Gesbert

• Treasurer: André Lentz

Department Heads:

• Publishing director: Pascal Vidal

• Webmaster: André Lentz

• Editors Board: Yves Rouxeville, Marc LeBel, Pascal Vidal

• Reading Committee: Daniel Courty, Marc LeBel, Yunsan Meas, Yves Rouxeville, Jean Norguet

The Reading Committee’s task is to read manuscripts, advise authors and accept or turn down articles for publication.

• Science Committee: Daniel Courty, Yunsan Meas, Yves Rouxeville
This committee’s role is to select manuscripts to be published either in the public or private section.