Who are the Founders?

Sunday 11 July 2010

Who are the Founders?

Madame Anne de la Brosse, physician, (France)

Marc Richmond LeBel,
auriculopractitioner (California, USA)
Direct student of Paul Nogier (1982-1992); practices Auriculomedicine, and biotherapies, posturology, neuromuscular therapy in primary care. Premed, Patten College, Oakland, CA; MCAT, University of California, Los Angeles; Licensed acupuncturist, State of California; Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, CAC, Los Angeles, (1983); Dipl. Ac. US national accreditation (NCCAOM) (1983); Dipl. Ac., Advanced Acupuncture, Academy of Trad. Chinese Med., Beijing, PRC (1984); Certificat d’enseignement supérieur d’Auriculomédecine, Cours Supérieur, GLEM (1985); Doctorate in Homeopathy, Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London, UK (1991). Active member, Ecole Internationale Paul Nogier, Lyon, France (1998)
Diploma: Integrative Body-Psychotherapy, IBP Institute, Venice, CA, 2004.
Teacher, translator, editor, publisher.
Our project will include: (1) training for physicians and licensed primary healthcare practitioners based in the principles of Auriculotherapy taught by Paul Nogier to his direct students and amply demonstrated in the books listed belo. In a second phase, work is being done to introduce a teaching project at an osteopathy school in California based on the Nantes University model. The goal is to organize a student exchange program between the two schools of medicine to promote proper training in the Nogier modalities.
Vice-president, ICAMAR
Author, translator, editor, publisher:
The Paul Nogier International School Atlas of Auricular Points, 1st ed., Marc LeBel, ed., Santa Monica: 2006; 2nd ed., Fall 2010, 75 p.
A Course in Auriculomedicine, Yves Rouxeville, 1st ed., Dux Lucis Books: Santa Monica: 2006. 2nd edition appearing Fall 2010. 86p.
The Essentials of Auriculomedicine, Yves Rouxeville, 1st ed., Dux Lucis Books: Santa Monica, 2010. 256p.
Total Postural Reprogramming, Bernard Bricot, 1st ed., Dux Lucis Books: Santa Monica, 2010. 242p.

André Lentz, physician (France)
Direct student of Paul Nogier beginning in 1974. Auriculopractitioner and homeopath. Researcher in Auriculomedicine. Since 1975, works on integrating homeopathy and Auriculomedicine.
Founder: GLEM Forum and website (1996)
Coordinator: Research Group in Auriculomedicine (GRAM).

Yves Rouxeville, retired physician (France)

Direct student of Paul Nogier beginning in 1974.
Teaches Auriculotherapy since 1983. Has pursued the teaching of Auriculomedicine.
Charter president of the World Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine Organization (WAAO)
Physician in charge of the Auriculotherapy module (Univ. of Nantes, France).
Secretary, ICAMAR

Daniel Courty
, Teacher and research Faculty,

Member: ICAMAR Reading Committee covering aspects of experimental methodology, epistemology, conceptual analysis.

Alain Gesbert

Trained at GLEM, Lyon, France

Website: http://wwwalaingesbert.fr
Assistant secretary, ICAMAR

Yunsan Meas, physician, (France)

Direct-student of Paul Nogier. Hospital physician at the Nantes University Hospital Center (CHU).
Teacher of Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine, Univ. of Nantes Medical School.
Doctorate candidate and researcher at the Psychology Laboratory: “Education, Cognition, Development.” (EA3259)
Director, Auricular Acupuncture Commission, FAFORMEC, France

Jean Norguet,

retired physician, (France)

Jean-Louis Memain, physician (France)

Pascal Vidal
physician (France)
General practitioner, homeopath, acupuncturist, auriculotherapist, auriculopractitioner.
Trained at GLEM
Bona fide physician in the south of India for 10 years.
Secretary, WAAO; expert physician for India. Training is planned at the University of Tibetan Medicine in Sarnath in Dec. 2010.
President, GRACE (Research Group on Energetic Body Arts) since 2007
President, ICAMAR

Dalila Trabelsi
, physician (Tunisia)
Student of Yves Rouxeville.
Practices Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine, homeopathy and osteopathy.
Vice-president, Tunisian Society of Biotherapies.



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