The ICAMAR Website

Sunday 11 July 2010

The ICAMAR Website

This charter issue of ICAMA Review is brought out to you for free in PDF format. However, the ICAMAR website serves as the key element of both our magazine and intended impact. The next issues of ICAMA Review will be available only online.

We thought this would be the best way to reach you. Though approximate they might be, this format does allows for online translations, thus making international exchange easier. As we produce higher quality translations of our articles, they will be posted on the ICAMAR site.

As you know, only articles accepted by the Science Committee will be posted. For two reasons: first, to provide researchers as well as the public with articles which show that research validating our methods does indeed exist. Secondly, to make sure that the articles we post online are of a kind that can be referenced in the bibliographical reference data base.

Thus, we hope that the Review will be easily accessible to all participating members and that our mode of operation will encourage a more open type of expression.

Here is how the site works:

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