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Sunday 11 July 2010

The ICAMA Review Association: Introduction

1. Goals:

The ICAMA Review Association (ICAMAR)
wishes to uphold and develop two medical disciplines created and developed during the second half of the 20th century by Dr. Paul Nogier (1908-1996). Widely known in France as Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine, these medical techniques are now classified in this country as Contemporary Acupuncture and Reflexotherapies and can absolutely be demonstrated by current 21st century scientific and medical data.

The Association’s goals are:
• To set up the tools necessary to disseminate data, pursue research and teach on an international scale.
• To convene practitioners who share our objectives.
• To ensure that our data exchange maintains the highest level of quality and reliability.

The spirit of the Association shall be that of a Fraternity, a congregation of peers in its own right, dedicated to upholding and promoting our common legacy: Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine.

2. Justification and Creation:

The development and the survival of our techniques require publishing regularly. This holds true for conventional medical techniques where publishing is particularly useful in ensuring regular updates in support of the latest diagnostic and/or the best care techniques.

Authors in Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine have tended to be those rare practitioners who love to share their knowledge and passion for the field. Overtime, their dedication has shown to be dispensed at the expense of their rest and recreation .

The weekend of October 9-10, 2009 proved to be the crowning touch of very effective Tuscan leadership put together the 6th International Symposium of Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine in Bologna. During that convention, a few French-speaking friends [Marc LeBel (USA) and André Lentz, Yves Rouxeville and Pascal Vidal (France)] decried the absence of an auricular magazine acting both as a link among our community of practitioners and a tool for publications in the way the old Auriculomédecine quarterly had done for years under the leadership of Paul Nogier.

Eight months later, ICAMA Review is up and running. Essentially, the association grew from the amalgamation of GRAM (the Research Group in Auriculomedicine) founded by André Lentz and WAAO (World Auricular Acupuncture Organization) founded by Yves Rouxeville. The groups are now complementary. GRAM favors research while WAAO promotes practice on an international scale. Using a multidisciplinary approach, both groups will work together to create an interactive Auriculotherapy/medicine online review.

3. How ICAMAR is set up:

The approach is two-tiered:
• The public-access section will retain those articles earmarked by the Science Committee and capable of being classified by research libraries.
• The private-access section will hold most of the articles. These will be available for reading solely by our paying subscribers.

Overall ICAMAR will admit three (3) types of members:
• Active members, recruited by invitation or grandfathered in on a limited basis. These members are in charge of running the association.
• Contributing members. These make a contribution, especially in the form of articles.
• Participating members. These enjoy the benefits ICAMAR’s publications.

As any review or magazine, ICAMAR comprises:
• An Editing Board (which works as an interface between authors and the Reading Committee)
• A Reading Committee (in charge of reading manuscripts, advising authors and accepting or turning down submitted manuscripts).
Articles retained by the Reading Committee will be sent on to the Science Committee who will select manuscripts for publication in either the public or private section.

4. Other Areas of Interest:

The Association may develop various areas of interest designed to flesh out its publications section. Mainly:
• Research groups: beginning with GRAM (Research Group in Auriculomedicine). Other groups could be set up by interested members.
• Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Assessment Group.
• Expertise Group, based on the model of learned societies (membership upon invitation and publications). This group is to be named, The Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Academy (AMATA).
• A think tank on the teaching of Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine. By this, ICAMAR does not intend to substitute itself to any current teaching organization.

Details concerning the operation of the above groups will be defined by the directors of ICAMAR.

5. Developments:

The following pages will describe:
• How to submit and article
• ICAMA Review’s various departments
• The interest of each area and working groups.

We hope this charter issue of ICAMA Review will make everything above perfectly clear to you.

Pascal Vidal, André Lentz, Yves Rouxeville

Pascal Vidal, André Lentz, Yves Rouxeville



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